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Lemne - Gewo Alvaro Robles OFF

Gewo Alvaro Robles OFF

390,00 lei

Descriere producător:
When asked about GEWO Alvaro Robles, the Spanish world class player said This blade is perfectly adjusted to my aggressive playing style but leaves nothing to be desired as regards feel. With this blade, I can no longer put the blame on the bat. This 7-ply veneer design without carbon (Limba / Samba) provides for great feel from the very beginning without any compromises as regards speed.

Viteză: 96
Control: 90
Stil de joc: offensive
Greutate: 90 g

Obs. TTMall: un lemn asemanator cu faimosul Clipper, dar putin mai subtire, mai elastic si mai exploziv pe topspin.

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