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Lemne - Gewo Sensus Carbo Speed

Gewo Sensus Carbo Speed

420,00 lei

Descriere producător:
This fast high-quality Aramid Carbon blade was created in close cooperation with GEWO's top players. Typical AC features include great dynamics and excellent feedback providing extra control for variable offensive playing. Sensus Carbo Speed combines the advantages of the high-tech Aramid Carbon fiber with carefully selected wood plies. It has an offensive character and is ideal for variable attacking. Perfect Sweet Spot for all modern playing techniques, especially topspin and counter-topspin. Perfect energy transfer, well-balanced and not too top-heavy. For optimum over-the-table acceleration and sufficient mid-distance speed. GEWO Sensus Carbo Speed - the World Elite's choice.

Viteză: 102
Control: 84
Stil de joc: offensive
Greutate: 88 g

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