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Lemne - Gewo Sensus Powereeling

Gewo Sensus Powerfeeling

280,00 lei

Descriere producător:
The 5-ply GEWO Sensus Powerfeeling offensive blade is ideal for any playing situation.  It provides for excellent feedback and enables both controlled topspins and direct attacking shots.  Absorbs the speed of your opponent's ball. Great for blocking. Special features  The perfectly balanced blade is traditionally made in Europe - however, the special Japanese Film Glue is used for the first time.  This glue has an impact on the hardness and speed of the blade  It is faster and slightly harder compared to blades made using traditional glues.  Power and feeling united in one blade. Natural high-end product (True Nature Tec)!

Viteză: 95
Control: 91
Stil de joc: offensive
Greutate: 90 g

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