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Fete De Paleta - Gewo Thunderball²

Gewo Thunderball²

120,00 lei

GEWO THUNDERBALL² is the result of a development of Chinese material experts and the GEWO team. The outcome is a high quality rubber adjusted to the European playing style an which most important characteristics - high control and extremely spin - are equally pronounced.

The newly developed surface gives the ball highest rotation for top-spin and driving. The special sponge mediates a first class feeling. GEWO THUNDERBALL² guarantees best control and enables precise ball placement.

You easily return opposing strokes, without problems you are taking the offensive yourself or are just safely holding the ball in the match. GEWO THUNDERBALL² - the rubber with the super ball feeling. Controlled speed, maximum spin and high control for precise playing are the characteristics which offer unsuspected perspectives to every player.

Speed : 87
Spin : 100
Control : 109
Sponge Hardness : Soft +
Strategy : Allround

Grosime burete: MAX (2.1mm)

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