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Stiga Infinity VPS V

335,00 lei
Descriere producător: 
The Infinity VPS V is built with two hand-selected middle veneers that are treated with a unique and exact heating and cooling process with precisely measured time and temperature. The Diamond Touch Technology gives the outer veneer extra hardness and the surface an incredibly smooth finish, and combined with the VPS technology the result is an offensive lightweight blade with outstanding solid touch and feeling. The Infinity VPS V gives you the possibility to master the key elements in today's modern game: aggressive receives which help you gain the upper hand at an early stage, and the possibility to follow up with powerful and aggressive topspin shorts. Developed in collaboration with top players from the Chinese National Team, and used by Fan Zhendong.

Viteză: OFF
Construcție: 5 de lemn
Greutate: 90g
Grosime: 6.1mm

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