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Lemne - Victas Fire Fall SC

Victas Fire Fall SC

400,00 lei

Descriere producător:
The Fire Fall SC is a perfectly balanced offensive blade for modern attackers. Silver Carbon, a combination of elastic and stable carbon and aluminium fibres chosen by the VICTAS material experts, perfectly complements the 5-ply composition of the Fire Fall SC to form a true premium offensive blade. Fire Fall SC is made especially for variant-rich and fast mid-distance topspin and counter-topspin. This is where it shows its full potential. In serve/return and in over-the-table play, the blade provides for excellent feedback and feel. An offensive blade leaving nothing to be desired for any modern offensive player.

Viteză: 101
Control: 89
Stil de joc: offensive +
Greutate: approx. 93g

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