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Lemne - Victas Koji Matsushita Offensive

Victas Koji Matsushita Offensive

420,00 lei

Descriere producător:
Modern defenders like the great Japanese talent, Yuto Muramatsu, will take every opportunity to launch sudden counter-attacks from a safe defensive position. The Koji Matsushita Offensive is the ideal blade for this type of players who rely on excellent control for defensive playing, but need good speed for their own attacking. The 5-ply design with a slightly harder outer mahogany ply provides for outstanding power second-to-none in the defensive blade segment, and gives any defender all the precision and control they need for passive playing. All blades of the VICTAS Koji Matsushita series are hand-made in our Japanese blade workshop.

Constructie 5 straturi
Stil de joc: DEF cu contraatacuri
Grosime lama: 6.0mm
Dimensiuni lama: 165mm×155mm
Dimensiuni maner: 100×23mm FL/ST Grip Size
Greutate: aprox. 93g

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