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Lemne - Victas Koki Niwa Wood

Victas Koki Niwa Wood

560,00 lei

Descriere producător:
Koki Niwa Wood is a 7-ply premium off-blade for close-to-the-table attackers. The blade of Japanese superstar Koki Niwa perfectly combines excellent feel and high speed for topspin-to-topspin rallies. Koki Niwa Wood provides any offensive players relying on power and precision with all they need for creative and successful close-to-the-table playing. The 7 fine, carefully selected veneers harmonize perfectly with hard Off rubbers, such as V > 15 Extra, and leave nothing to be desired when it comes to active power and speed based playing. An absolute masterpiece of blade design!

Stil de joc: offensive +
Greutate: approx. 90g
Grosime lamă: 6.5mm

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