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Lemne - Victas ZX-Gear Fiber

Victas ZX-Gear Fiber

460,00 lei

Descriere producător:
VICTAS ZX-GEAR FIBER is the first blade on the market equipped with a completely woven new Zexion® fiber. This innovative, highly elastic material provides this Japanese premium offensive blade with a soft and controlled ball contact and sensational feeling. Thanks to the optimized, well-balanced ply structure in combination with the Zexion® fiber, ZX-GEAR FIBER is ideal for close-to-the-table topspin playing and opens up a whole new dimension of precision, feeling and elasticity. In mid-distance rallies, the blade gears up significantly and produces all the speed you will need for attacking.

Viteză: 99
Control: 99
Stil de joc: offensive
Greutate: approx. 89g

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